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   Power adjustable laser diode module is a complete solution for OEM modules. The modules including housing,laser diode,drive circuit and collimating lens,and with external electrical connect wires. OPELUS laser diode module of the monthly capacity is 100,000 pcs. 

Power Adjustable Laser Module Product ID naming Rule

Model according to encoding rules defined based on specific parameters:
Wavelength (nm): Refer to the specifications;
Working temperature: Refer to the specifications;
Optical Power Stability: Refer to the specifications;
Housing: Brass,Nickel-plating,Anodized Aluminum.
Type Housing (mm) Wavelength (nm) Max Power (nW) Divergence Operating voltage(V)
E60-xxx-xx-xx-(P) Φ6*12 Optional 5 <0.5mard 3/4.5/5
E80-xxx-xx-xx-(P) Φ8*24 Optional 50 <0.2mard 3/4.5/5
E1A-xxx-xx-xx-(P) Φ10*12 Optional 200 <0.5mard 3/4.5/5