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OPELUS Technology Corporation is manufacturer of custom designed laser diode
modules and laser diode assemblies and high performance,premium quality industrial laser product.  Our products are mainly used in industrial,military,medical,biotechnology and other high-end fields. To rely on our powerful optics,electronics,mechanical research and development technical team and a wealth of quality and reliable suppliers,can quickly provide you with solutions and sample. Technical specifications please refer to   

OPELUS Technology Corporation
Is a research and development,production and sales company,established in 2002,based in HongKong.

OPELUS Technology Corporation
We have a detailed inventory list,we can provide Express laser modules,
laser diode,laser component,so if your need urgently,call us. You can
always rely on OPELUS products to deliver.
OPELUS Technology Corporation
In optical,electronic,mechanical areas of product has a powerful resource,if you ask
someone to us there is demand,we can do for your research,development,production
and product samples can maximize your cost savings and resources.

OPELUS Technology Corporation
Are applying through the ISO9001: 2000 certified.

OPELUS Technology Corporation
U.S. adopted the following Product Certification:
OPELUS Technology Corporation
Is an emphasis on environmental protection manufacturers,our products fully comply with
international environmental requirements. Our production in order to make the greatest efforts
to conserve energy and resources. Please protect our common home.