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  Laser module
OPELUS laser module is a self-contained module designed as a complete laser diode solution for OEM use.The module consists of laser diode, drive circuit and collimating lens,electrical connections are made via external flying leads,and housing.Modules wavelength, power, voltage is available as needed to choose. OPELUS laser module is a long-term mass production, and can quickly order the production  
  Standard module           TTL module        
  Focus adjustable module           Power adjustable module        
  DPSS laser module           OEM/ODM module        
  Laser diode
OPELUS provided by long-range blue-violet light to the infrared band.OPELUS quality is a long-term credibility of the products by the market. Includes CW laser diode  
  Brand Laser Diode           Blue Laser Diode        
  Red Laser Diode           Infrared laser diode        
  Fiber Coupled Diode           Laser Diode Arrays        
  High Power Pulsed        
  Laser detector
Optical Sensors,laser,laser module,laser modules,laser light,infrared laser module,laser diode modules  
  Optical Sensors           Infrared Receiver        
  Laser optics
We can provide laser optical components, including glass aspheric collimating lenses, plastic aspheric collimating lens, the glass beam expander lenses, plastic beam expander, beam splitter film, the laser beam shaper,filter, window lens and so on.  
  Cylindrical lens           Collimator        
  Powell lens           Crystals        
  Laser cavity           Window        
  Laser driver
Laser driver,laser module,laser modules,laser light,infrared laser module  
  Laser driver        
  DOE Laser product
OPELUS offer a set of standard sample diffractive optical elements(DOE). We can quickly provide engraving pattern of diffractive optical elments for you. Such as engineering design,company logo and so on  
  DOE Laser product        
  Laser machinery element
We can provide you with dedicated high-precision laser products with mechanical parts, the materials used are all environmentally friendly materials. Drawings can be processed, or on behalf of the design and processing.  
  Laser machinery element        
  Laser goggles
Laser safety glasses is a kind of optical absorption by the polymer materials and synthetic materials,an efficient safety goggles. The goggle fully meet the European standards EN207A1: 2002.  
  Laser goggles