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    OPELUS can custom design and production technology based on the application of laser diode optical components,optical components. Including the laser module,laser sensor,laser optical components,Mechanical assembly.
    We have a strong technical team. Including those engaged in optical design experts for 12 years,engaged in electrical design for 15 years,electrical engineers,as well as design engineers over the years. Can be completely different for the customer technical requirements,including optical,electrical,body full range of technology solutions. Can be quickly and accurately grasp customer needs for customer service
    We have a wealth of quality and reliable supplier of resources,are fully capable of providing customers with fast high-quality ODM / OEM services.
    Whatever you need

     Electro-optical sub-assemblies
     Complex mechanical component
     Normal laser module
     Green DPSS laser module
     Blue laser module
     Blue DPSS laser module
     Laser diode
     Laser driver
     Laser lens
     Laser sensor
     TTL modulation laser module
     Adjustable optical power laser module
     Adjustable focus laser module
     Optical components
    Our accomplishment

    1.Optical technology
    Wavelength : infrared to UV
    Output optical power:0~1000mW
    Output optical power stability : <0.3%
    Spot shape :dot,line,cross,grand,rectangle,etc.
    DOE laser module
    High Resolution(spot dot dia):<10um@1/e
    Collimation : Divergence<0.1mrad
    Uitrafine,high straightness laser module
    Adjustable focus module
    Boresight : <1.5mm@1m
    Spot shift : <5mm@10m
    Pishaper [ Fig1 ]

    2.Electronic technology

    Oprating voltage:0.9~48VDC
    Laser modes : CW,TTL Modulation
    TTL modulation:frequency up to 130kHz [ Fig2 ]
    Rise time for output power ( the laser output power reaches 96% of its
    steady state output power) : <0.0015msec [ Fig3 ]
    Adjustable optical power laser module

    3.mechanical technology

    Mini laser module : Dia<4mm
    The shortest laser module : Length<6.8mm
    Sordid operating environment : high operating  temperatuer,waterproof,Libration resistance.

    4.other more
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