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OPELUS offer a set of standard sample diffractive optical elements(DOE). We can quickly provide engraving pattern of diffractive optical elments for you. Such as engineering design,company logo and so on.
DOE Item Description Material Size (Dia*Thickness) Full Pattern Angel(650nm) Pattern size@100nm Image
DL8010-05CS Cross PMMA φ8*1 5* 8nm  
DL8010-21DRG Rectangle PMMA φ8*1 21* 37nm  
DL8010-15CS Cross PMMA φ8*1 15* 26nm  
DL8010-34CL Circle PMMA φ8*1 34* 60nm  
DL8010-25DCL Dot Circle PMMA φ8*1 25* 45nm  
DL8012-11DCL Dot Circle PC φ8*1.2 11* 19nm  
DL8012-7DRG Dot Rectangle PC φ8*1.2 7* 13nm  
DL8012-7DRG/1 Dot Rectangle PC φ8*1.2 7* 13nm  
DL8012-7DRG/2 Dot Rectangle PC φ8*1.2 7* 13nm  
DL8012-10CS Cross PC φ8*1.2 10* 18nm  
DL8012-45CS Cross PC φ8*1.2 45* 82nm